Thursday, March 26, 2015

Lime Crime Rave Swatch and Review

Amidst all the controversies and the breach, Lime Crime managed to release probably one of their most phenomenal Velvetines yet. This Velvetine performed wonderfully. It is a bright lavender and reminds me of a Mac Lavender Jade/Mac Dodgy Girl hybrid. And it does give off a wee bit of a glow in UV light.

Lime Crime Rave Velvetine
It is Limited Edition and available on the site now.
There is a limit of 2 per purchase.
For those who are weary of shopping the site, I have ordered 3 times since after the breach was contained and all my orders were processed efficiently. Delivery was prompt as they upgraded their service to Landmark. Once your local post office receives the package, allow for 1-2 days delivery. Also my advice is to use Paypayl or a prepaid card. 
A good general rule of thumb to practice for all your online shopping.

An anecdotal to all of this is -as in my previous post- quite recently a relative had their Sears card hacked. And they hardly used it. Apparently it was part of another breach that occurred at Home Depot. These hackers are relentless. Stay vigilant! Be informed.

What do you think of this new Velvetine?
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Stay sweet lovelies!

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